Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The "Why" of B Side: Why I Love What I Do

I've always been someone who wants to fix things, or simply make them better. I remember being a little girl and wanting to take things apart; not because I was destructive, but because I had an alarmingly strong need to understand why they worked. Figuring out how things worked meant that when something needed to be fixed, I could think back to what I'd learned when I took something similar apart, and extrapolate. As it turns out, this need to understand how things work and the urge to make things better would stay with me.

If you asked my mother about my formative years, she'd tell you a story of a child who would, for lack of a better word, "experiment" with ingredients. My mother, patient parent that she was, referred to these concoctions as "Witch's Brews" - and believe you me, this was an extremely kind way to describe them. Essentially, there wasn't a spice in the house that was safe. I worked my way through more (likely expensive) spice jars than I can tell you, and my poor mother just shook her head and reminded me to "clean up after yourself, Tabatha." Interestingly, this ability to to experiment and try things out in a space that allowed me the creative outlet taught me that sometimes things don't go as expected - and that's okay. (Except for the time I made a ground clove loaf instead of a cinnamon loaf; there was nothing okay about that...)

When I started my social media career, I was a Community Moderator with iVillage.com, an NBC Universal owned property that was, in its' prime, the "largest online portal for women". I was part of the Pregnancy & Parenting Team, and I became very good at the "Hot Topic" boards; ones that no one wanted to moderate, because they were volatile in nature. Topics ranged from Circumcision Debate to Stillborn Births; no topic was untouched. If you were a mother at that time, and you did an online search for something parenting/baby related that was "unsavoury", chances are you ended up on my watch. I learned a lot in that time - mostly that no matter how difficult the subject matter, there was a "right way" and a "wrong way" to deal with it. Was it gut-wrenching, talking to mothers who had recently lost their children? Absolutely. Did it teach me more than I could have possibly imagined? You bet. I learned how building communities mattered, and how they helped - in times of trial as well as in times of celebration.

As the years passed and I became interested in marketing and advertising, it wasn't so much about the commercials (remember - I grew up in the "TV Years") - it was about how I felt about the products in the commercials. To this day, if you tell me "You need this!!" you'd better have a damned good backup for that statement. I'm not talking about "It gets great reception!" or "But look how shiny it is!!" here; I'm talking about "Tell me why I should spend my money on your product. Tell me why I should CARE." Just like in my iVillage days, I wanted to hear the whole story; I wanted to know the "behind the scenes" stuff that no one else knew. Often I found myself thinking, "There's a better way to do that!!" because I knew that something was missing.

And therein lies the "Why" behind B Side Media; Emotional connections are much stronger than almost anything else we as human beings experience. Simply put: I want to help you make your idea better.

I want to help you turn your idea into something that people connect with, to help you tell your story in a way that others can relate to. After all, do people do business with businesses? No; people do business with people.

Are you ready to take the next step? Let's talk!